EMG Testing Procedures:

We have tested each component of the circuit separately and then tested them all together in the end.  The separate components that need to be tested are the EMG amplifier circuit and the microcontroller code.  For the EMG amplifier circuit we have already simulated the filters in Electronic workbench and we have a frequency versus voltage graph figure 1. for the band-pass filter.  On the protoboard, the function generator will input different AC signals that have different frequencies ranging from 1 to 1000 Hz.  Then the output voltage will be observed with an oscilloscope to see how the band-pass filter responds for the pass-band and the stop-band.  To evaluate the amplifier, we will measure the common mode gain, differential gain, and then obtain the common mode rejection ratio figure 1..


Figure 1 : Graph of Filter circuit and corresponding amplication chart

Robotic arm

Our goal is to demonstrate that this is indeed possible by showing that activation patterns recorded from muscles in the arm can be classified in real-time to control a 5 degrees-of-freedom robotic arm-and-gripper. We demonstrate our method in a variety of reasonably complex online robotic control tasks involving 3D goal-directed movements, obstacle avoidance, and picking up and accurate placement of objects

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